Preventive Care and Medicare Supplement Plans: Facts You Need to Know

Preventive care is necessary and important. There are so many conditions that can be prevented! The only way to prevent them though, is by using the options that are available to you and visiting health care providers for regular check-ups. There are many conditions that would otherwise remain unknown and that you would only be able to find out, after a regular check-up. Otherwise, the only time that these conditions will start showing symptoms, is when it might already be too late for a treatment. Or, the treatment might become much more difficult for you and last longer than it would have, if the diagnose would have been found earlier. So preventive care is not something that should be left behind and visiting a doctor only when you´re sick is to be avoided, due to the above-mentioned reasons!

There are many tests and screenings that might be available to you free of charge! Some of these include: flu shots, pneumonia shots, vaccinations against measles, polio and meningitis, vaccines that are required to ensure healthy pregnancies, cancer screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies, tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, baby and child visits, from birth up to the age of 21 as well as free counselling for those who are trying to quit smoking, lose weight, quit alcohol or reduce alcohol intake, have depression and more!

It is important to know, that not all plans will cover for these expenses. Some part A and part B members will have to pay for coinsurance when it comes to preventive care. For all those who have been using the preventive care services, but are obliged to pay a coinsurance amount, there is a solution Medicare supplement plans!

There are 10 different kinds of Medicare supplement plans available at A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N! And the good news is, that all 10 plans cover for the coinsurance due to preventive care. This is why the financial burden shouldn´t be an excuse to you, as health always comes first and it is important to take care of yourself more than anything!

If you don´t know which one of these plans to choose from, look at what other expenses they cover, apart for the preventive care coinsurance. The A and B plan, for example, have a lower premium rate, because they also cover less expenses than the other plans. A plan F or G will have a higher premium rate, but will also cover for all expenses (plan F) and almost all expenses (plan G).

If you consult a private health insurance company and they offer you a Medicare supplement plan at a premium rate you can´t afford, don´t immediately loose hope! These supplement plans are offered by private health insurance companies and that means, that the price will vary! Consult with different kinds of companies to find the best premium rate available for you and start using the services provided for preventive care!