Medicare supplement Plan N and How It Helps You Lower Your Expenses

The Medicare supplement plan N is an aid to the Medicare part A and B, which don´t cover for all expenses. Enrolling to this supplement plan will help you avoid some costs, you would otherwise pay for out of your own pocket.

The benefits that are covered by this plan are:

  • Expenses for Medicare part A coinsurance due to hospital stay
  • Expenses for Medicare part B co-insurance
  • Expenses for Medicare part A deductible
  • Expenses for Medicare part B deductible
  • Expenses for hospice co-insurance
  • Expenses for foreign travel
  • Expenses for co-insurance due to preventive care
  • Expenses for hospital days up to 365 days after Medicare part A stops covering

There is also one additional benefit you can take advantage from, enroll at is the expense for Medicare part B co-insurance. This expense will be covered by the Medicare supplement N, but will include a co-pay, which you will need to pay out of your own pocket. The co-pay of Medicare supplement plan N will leave you paying up to 20$ every time you visit a doctor´s office and up to 50$ co-pay for visits to the emergency room.

There are two expenses that the Medicare supplement plan N won´t cover for. These expenses however, can be easy to control, making Medicare supplement plan N a good choice. The only thing it won´t cover for is the Medicare part B deductible and Medicare part B excess charges. The Medicare part B deductible is an annual amount of $183. After paying this amount, there is no other additional cost you will have to pay for! The Medicare part B excess charges can be easily avoided, so that you don´t have to pay any excess charges at all! All you need to look out for, is that you are visiting a health provider who has agreed to the Medicare costs. These health providers will never charge you more for a health care service, than what the Medicare supplement plan covers for! You can simply call the health care provider of your choice and ask. If they do cover more, there are many other health care providers to choose from!

The Medicare supplement plan N is all in all one that does cover a whole deal of expenses and can give you a peace of mind. All you´ll have to pay for is your Medicare part A or B and the premium rate for the Medicare supplement plan N. The premium rate all depends on the company you choose to enroll to. As the health insurance companies that provide them are all private, they all have the right to set different kinds of prices based on their own criteria. Some of the criteria that may be taken into consideration are the age of the individual, the area they live in, in some cases gender (because statistics show that men require more health care services than women) and to most companies, whether you´re using tobacco or not will be also relevant!