Medicare Advantage Plans – When you can change

Predicting health care required later is impossible, but as per your requirement today, consider the right plan, the costs and coverage.

2019 Medicare AdvantageIf you choose Medicare Advantage plans and later are not satisfied with it, there is chance you can opt out. You can find an annual period for disenrollment from January 1 to February 14. This is the time, you drop the Medicare Advantage plans that you are now uncomfortable with and get back to Traditional Medicare. But, you cannot switch during disenrollment the Medicare Advantage plans, but you can go for a prescription drug plan as a standalone, in case you have plans of dropping your Advantage plan.

It is not compulsion to stay bound for ever to the same Medicare plan. Changing needs of health care and life events leads to considering some change in the Medicare coverage.

See here when you may consider Medicare coverage changes:

Medicare Open Enrollment

This happens annually from October 15 to December 7. During this time, any changes you make go on January 1 into effect of the following year.

In this enrollment period:

  • You can change from Traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage plan or even consider the opposite.
  • Move from the plan of Medicare Advantage to another plan of Medicare Advantage
  • Enroll in prescription drug plan of Medicare or switch to a new drug prescription plan of Medicare.
  • Completely drop the coverage of Medicare prescription for drug
  • In case you happen to miss the Medicare Open Enrollment, it means the waiting period is up to the following year unless you are eligible for SEP to change the coverage.

Special Election Periods

This allows you changing the coverage beyond the Medicare open enrollment in certain circumstances and they include:

  • Moving from the service area of the existing Medicare plan.
  • Moving in an institution into it or out or even going back to the U.S after residing for sometime in another country.
  • Transitioning from union, employer or other to Medicare.
  • The existing plan of Medicare is not available any more in the place you live.
  • You have alternative chance to acquire coverage, from union, employer or federal assistance program. 

Disenrollment Period

The Disenrollment Period of Medicare Advantage plans offers a chance to leave this plan and to get back again to Traditional Medicare every year between 1 January and 14 February. To check rates visit This is the time you get Part D enrolled as separate plan, but it may cause you premium penalty.