Medicare Advantage Plans, know what is provided in the four plan types

Medicare Advantage Plans include Part A benefits and this is the best advantage. It includes skilled nursing care, hospital stays and home health care. They also offer the Part B cover in Medicare Advantage plans and this is more beneficial as it includes outpatient care, doctor visits and preventive services. The benefits include routine vision care and also the routine hearing tests, wellness services, fitness program or even a nurse helpline. It is a good choice to have Medicare Advantage plan if you need coverage more than the services offered by Traditional Medicare and are not interested in the coverage for prescription drug.


aarp medicare advantage 2019With Medicare Advantage plans covering the prescription drug, you get the coverage for Part A and B and also the Part D covering the prescription drug in one plan that is MAPD representing the plan for Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug. In fact, this plan of MAPD may be an excellent choice if you enjoy the MA plan benefits, but equally require the coverage for prescription drug. Get Quotes for Medicare Advantage 2019 by visiting


Medicare AARP plans and Medicare Advantage plans are also offered as combinations to enjoy the features and benefits to fit various budgets and healthcare needs. Here are Medicare Advantage plans available in four types and they are as below:


HMO Plans:   Health- Maintenance- Organization

  • The providers you can see: Generally, you must avail the services from local provider’s network, except for renal dialysis services, critical visits and emergency room.
  • Is referral required to see a specialist? This is based on the plan.
  • The costs out-of-pocket: This will be lesser that POS and PPO plans.


POS Plans   Point-of-Service

  • The providers you can see: This is identical to the HMO plans. However, here you can see providers outside the plan’s network for certain services, but it may cost more.
  • Is referral required to see a specialist? This depends plan-wise.
  • The costs from the pocket: This will be higher than HMO plans, though it will be lesser than PPO plans.


PPO Plans   Preferred Provider Organization

  • The providers you can see: Here you are permitted for all covered services even outside the plan’s network. Of course, the cost is more.
  • Is referral required to see a specialist? No.
  • The costs from the pocket: This is higher than the first two plans, HMO and POS.


PFFS Plans   Private Fee-for-Service

  • The providers you can see: The PFFS non-network plans are offered only by United Healthcare. This means you get liberty to choose your choice of hospital or doctor Medicare-eligible agreeing to accept the terms and payment conditions.
  • Is referral required to see a specialist? No.
  • The costs from the pocket: The monthly premiums are lower than all other non-network plans, such as the Medicare Supplement plans.

Changing From Medicare Supplement Plan

People like changing from one health care insurance plan to another given the fact that they might have seen an attractive advantage in another plan. This is not a crime because people have reasons why he/she would like to switch from one Medicare plan to another during a specified period of time. Now have you considered changing from one health insurance plan to another? If yes, then you have an idea about how to go about changing these plans. To change Medicare supplement plans in 2019 go to There you can switch to another, you need to be aware of the conditions to satisfy and how your decision to switch will affect the current plan.

Switching from one Medicare Advantage plan is allowed


Senior citizens

If you have been planning to switch from one Medicare plan to another, then worry no more because the first thing that you need to be are of is that it is allowed at any given time. However, to do this, you need to this you need to be aware of one thing. You must be aware of the idea that you can only switch within the Open Enrollment Period. This is a period that has been created just to ensure that those who would like to switch does so during this window of opportunity. This is, therefore, the period which you will be allowed to switch to other plans, let’s say, the Medicare supplement plan. The later window of opportunity runs from October 15th to December 7th. This is the only period that you are allowed to switch from one plan to another.

What happens after switching your plan?

Once you have decided and selected the right plan of your choice, then be prepared of the fact that you will be removed from the previous enrollment plan as soon as your new plan and its coverage begins. This is the good thing about switching because you will automatically start enjoying the benefits of the next plan as soon as you have been removed from the previous plan. With Medicare supplement plan, you will be notified of your enrollment and the date when this new enrollment has taken shape. New enrollment means new services, covers and benefits. For instance if you have changed from another plan to Medicare supplement plan, then you need to be aware of what will be covered and those that will not be covered by the plan.